Billionsuns finally starts in Japan

28. April 2016

My Fulldome film is finally starting in Japan! A fully re-mastered 26 min version with Japanese narration is shown in the giant dome of the planetarium in Sendai, capital of the prefecture Miyagi, one of the regions worst hit by the 2011 tsunami. 日本 を歓迎します!

New whiteboard explains radar

9. April 2016

A new stop motion video is coming. It is about how radar imaging works, and why radar from space has such great potential to make our lives safer.

Next Event from Frascati near Rome

29. März 2016

The launch of the second Sentinel-1 satellite, due to lift off on 22 April, will be celebrated at ESA’s data centre in Frascati – this is my next event to come, with Italian moderator Gigi Donelli.

300K audience saw Exomars launch stream

16. März 2016

The live coverage of the ExoMars launch event was seen by 293K unique viewers with 2.6 Mio minutes on the webcast. I have developed, prepared and directed the stage event for ESA.

We fly to Mars

7. März 2016

On Monday 14th March, Europe and Russia launch their first joint mission to Mars. I am concepting and directing the central European event for ExoMars-16 in Darmstadt.

Sentinel-3A Launched

18. Februar 2016

I have successfully produced the televized event at the launch of the S3A satellite with a total of 26 stage guests, 300+ audience, 70+ media and a wonderful moderator.


billionsuns #63

4. Februar 2016

My Fulldome Film „Journey to a Billion Suns“ has been licensed by the Planetarium at the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. It’s number 63 since its opening in January 2014.

Satellite launch delayed

23. Januar 2016

Another delay for ESA’s Sentinel 3A satellite. Scheduled for 2016, week #5, the lift-off will not happen before 16 February. I am in charge of the TV event, provided to media and broadcasted live on dedicated carriers.

Jausenstation gets 50 entries

1. November 2015

My popular artwork on Pinterest has achieved its 50th entry. It is a small piece of inlay work made of Northern Germany’s dyke cheese, assembled on a slice of wholemeal bread. Preparing the morning snack for the family, cheese and bread often come out as pieces of inlay work, a rare and forgotten craftsmanship of the past. Without any context to my work, in fact. Become a follower here.

Satellite launch event at 4 am

23. Juni 2015

Another successful launch of a sentinel satellite from the European Copernicus programme. All night busy, as the launch of S2A happened at almost 4 am CET – but we are all happy the event went smoothly, and media as well as VIPs were well entertained. Image with moderator Louise Houghton and ESA PR supporters Daniel Scuka and Nicola Gebers.