An impressive three minutes‘ sequence of a roaring Ariane-5 lift-off is currently re-used in Fulldome planetaria world-wide. It illustrates the moment, when the new ESA-NASA Webb space telescope is lifted into orbit by Europe’s heavy launcher. The sequence has been fully animated with then state of the art VFX and is still a breathtaking example of visual immersion.

Planetaria all around the world prepare for the launch of the largest space telescope ever, which is scheduled for 27. december 2021. The telescope has been planned and built for about two decades and is ready to replace the Hubble space telescope shortly.

The launch sequence is taken from the 45 minutes Fulldome movie „Touching the Edge of the Universe“ that I have produced for the European Space Agency in 2009. As for the introductory scene, it was for the first time a film crew shot on location inside the European Space Operations Center in Darmstadt, using a 3K Red camera, which then was the highest resolution video on the market.