When visitors enter the European Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt, they want to feel and breathe Space. That’s why I have created a corporate video with one of ESA’s senior spacecraft controllers narrating the story of space control and giving the audience a virtual tour of the site. This video is shown to visitors first to warm them up, before they are allowed to enter some of the control rooms and other facilities. The story contains background information about satellite control, explains risks and challenges, and gives background on the expertise of the people, who do it. Shot on location in Darmstadt (DE), Kiruna (SE), Redu (BE), Santa Maria Azores (PT) with real ESA staff, and with footage from all around the world. Updated in 2017.

Direcor and script | Adam Majorosi
Editing | Arndt von Rabenau
Camera | Peter Drittenpreis