I was born in Budapest and grew up in Hungary and Germany. I wanted to become a judge when I was twelve and a journalist at the age of sixteen. I have worked as a truck driver, community worker, nurse, print producer, political association manager, PR agency director, media relations officer, reporter, interim manager, film producer and communication consultant.

I have travelled the world from California to the Himalayas. I have seen how people communicate, how they fight for freedom of thought and how they love to exchange their ideas. I have met the poor and the rich, sadhus and the Pope, proud Taliban warriors and slick politicians. I have worked with top managers, Nobel prize scientists, celebrities and teams all over the world. I have supported giant projects and tiny initiatives, government plans, product rollouts and scientific progress. I have been working as a freelance consultant and manager for twenty years, and so have I plenty of ideas, plenty of energy and plenty of expertise for any communication challenge you might face.

Come and try out how I can make your story heard.


I have also contributed content to planetaria and science centres in 20 countries on 4 continents, as well as to media publishers, TV stations, thousands of App users and mobile gamers, to PR agencies and to individuals.