100 planetaria have shown #billionsuns

9. April 2019

With today’s special peformance at the Galileo Galilei planetarium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, my Fulldome film ‚Journey to a Billion Suns‘ has achieved its Hundredth customer world-wide. Produced five years ago with an exceptionally talented team of about a Hundred people, amongst them Jens Fischer (music), Joachim Perschbacher (visuals production manager), Michael Magens (art director) Bob Weber (lead 3D artist) and Martin Kossmann (FX artist), this 4K immersive film has been watched by 315.000 visitors at Thousands of occasions in planetaria across Europe, Asia and the Americas. We are much obliged to our trustful customers, our faithful partners and all the many curious visitors sharing their passion about the Universe with us. And the story continues…

Massive Video Campaign is Kicking off

1. März 2019

It’s a massive social media campaign kicking off the idea of the electronic patient record [ePR] in Germany. The ePR is a system-independent tool, making personal medical data available at any time you and your doctor need it. While hospital chains have started using it and legislation in Germany is at the threshold of making the ePR mandatory, one of the largest software providers in the field is taking off with a series of hand drawn videos  embedded in a communications campaign. I have provided the strategy and produced the videos, including grandpa Horst and his ’sick‘ family. [on the WEB and TWR | FB | LIN]

Educational Video

18. Dezember 2018

A barren subject made attractive by chosing scribe style video: A big, globally acting client ordered an education video for in-house teaching about big data and global data networks. I made it happen with a concise, still nice sory and perfect graphics drawn by hands. The employees have much appreciated it, as did the management. Unfortunately the project it is strictly internal.

Press Briefing for Mercury

20. Oktober 2018

Another long term science mission launched into Space – ESA’s BepiColombo spacecraft is off to its seven years journey to Mercury. I have prepared and directed the press and media briefing in Darmstadt on behalf of the European Space Agency, which has been the first of many events to come until the probe will arrive at our smalles neighbouring planet in 2025. [image: J. Mai]

#billionsuns 95th license for Egypt

20. September 2018

The medium size Fulldome planetarium of the Arab Naval Academy in Alexandria hits the mark of signing the 95th license for my planetarium show „Journey to a Billion Suns“. Its new dome has been erected in 2012 and lies in Abu Qir, Alexandrias Northern tip towards the Mediterranean Sea. #billionsuns will get its first Arabic transscript here and profit from the academy’s high reputation and number of visitors.

Little helper for the God of winds

23. August 2018

While it became the most cited witticism to postpone the launch of a wind mission for the reason of strong winds, we have passed all the rest of solid background information about the first European wind measuring satellite to the media and VIP guests at the launch event of the Aeolus satellite in Darmstadt. Despite the extreme short preparations time and the event’s postponement, all went well and was conducted professionally at unusually low costs. Is this the future of communications?

Your almost daily satellite image

1. Juni 2018

Forget about Google Maps – it’s years old and censored! You can use Sentinel-2 satellite images instead, brought to everybody by the European Copernicus programme for free. I was amazed by the variety and the stunning time series you can download from every single spot on the planet – fresh images almost every day, even radar and infrared. While I was working on a series of satellite data applications on behalf of the German Aerospace Centre, I have tested Code-DE, the German speaking data hub. It’s definitely worth a try.

Live Event at the Berlin Air Show

25. April 2018

Celebrating the complete Copernicus space segment, together with a successful launch of Sentinel 3B on the last and final Rockot launch vehicle – an event full of emotions and messages, delivered to a 300 VIP audience at the Berlin airshow ILA. Preparations were tense and the location was difficult – but finally, it turned out to become a fast pace, dense and entertaining production, which I was in full charge of.


State of the Climate Event in Brussels

10. April 2018

One hour briefing of European Parliament members and executives at the EUP in Brussels about the brand new ‚European State of the Climate‘ report – hosted by MEPs Fulvio Zanonato, Klaus Buchner and the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts in Reading. The fast pace of the programme and the user cases shown in video and in person were well appreciated by an almost full auditorium.

20 years anniversary

1. Januar 2018

On my own behalf: Today, I have been working as a freelance consultant for exactly twenty years. Two full decades of self-employment, with plenty of highs and lows, with Hundreds of exciting projects and a Thousand inspiring people from all around the world. I am greatful for all the support I have received and curious about what comes next in the third decade. Thank you all!