Being a Space Tourist

5. September 2008

It’s great to sit in a real spacecraft – of course with the proper dress code. When I was negotiating with Russian Space giant Roscosmos in 2004, they invited me to their space training facilities near Moscow, and allowed me to test seat in a Soyuz capsule. A remarkable day with remarkably friendly people all around – including  record breaking cosmonaut Sergei Krikaljov and Juri Usatchov. And of course me, coming home with a multi-million Euro space exhibition that turned out to be the most successful ever in Germany.


Fossile of Space exploration

7. April 2005

In the morning of 7. April 2005, I found myself at the outskirts of Moscow – together with aerospace veteran engineer Vladimir Fishelovich, who introduced me to one of the five ever built pieces of hardware of the Soviet Space shuttle programme. In fact, we were standing next to a real Buran Space vehicle. What an amazing moment! Later, this spaceship was sold to a museum, since the Buran programme has been discontinued by the Soviet authorities ten years earlier.