Social Space Event Concept Wins

7. März 2017

More than a Hundred bloggers and professionals in social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, followed the Sentinel2Go Social Space on site in Darmstadt (Germany), when the new S2B satellite has been launched into orbit. The brand new event concept has proven its power: 14,000 watched the live stream for a 130,000 minutes in total. And more than 4,000 active Twitterers have triggered an outreach of 21 Mio. messages, with number one in trending for a half day. The audience was enthusiastic about the fast and dense style of the event, which fell under my responsibility.

billionsuns #80

2. Januar 2017

The spectacular National Planetarium Negara in Kuala Lumpur will be number 80 world-wide to show my fulldome film „Journey to a Billion Suns“ as from 2017. The 45min documentary about the distances in the Universe runs on four continents and has been celebrated as one of the highest quality planetarium films on the market. It exists in 15 different languages, including Japanese, Korean, Hindhi, Russian and Chinese.

Sweet New Year’s Greetings

21. Dezember 2016

Another idea in a vVIP target group to give digitalization a shape: I have developed, together with my customer and a small chocolate manufacturer, the QR code chocolate. Getting there was a real challenge. First, QR codes need a certain resolution to be recognized by the popular readers on the smartphone – and not all of them perform well. Some don’t understand any umlaut, most of them can’t read codes in negative appearance.

After a long sample series of blurred and distorted test images, I have identified the best printing method and size, and gave it to the makers. The manufacturing made the chocs from finest Belgian ingredients by hand, printed the codes and hand-sorted them into the box. An additional printed leaflet helped connecting the event and the relevance of digitalization.

The audience fully appreciated the idea, as well as the chocolate – because after all it was delicious.

Bouquet goes digital

10. Dezember 2016

What is the shape of digitalisation? How can industry 4.0 be incarnated at a VIP dinner?

One of the iconic tools of our digital, interconnected world are all those colorful network wires. Everybody needs them to plug into the internet. Millions of them connect server farms and network nodes like a giant spider net would look like.

I have used standard CAT 5e cables, hand-crimped RJ-45 connectors onto their tips and added kink protection sleeves in the logo colors of the customer. Each twenty of these digital flowers were added to the bouquet of gerbera and roses – reminding the invited guests of what is it all about. Thanks to the florist, who made it all become true.

Mars landing on Social-TV

19. Oktober 2016

The landing has finally not worked, but the social media feedback was enormous. While the European EDM lander attempted landing on Mars, I have produced a live social-TV coverage on Facebook, broadcasting the final 15 minutes of descent in a new, totally interactive TV environment. An amazing experience, with more than 100K audience permanently watching it.

Rosetta end of mission

30. September 2016

It has been the longest lasting project for my events‘ career – I have produced the launch event in 2004, several media briefings and events along its ten years‘ flight, the events for wakeup in 2014, for the arrival at its target comet and several ones when it was orbiting it. The Rosetta mission is a superlative by its own and I am happy I could follow it all the way long, the landing in 2014 included, which was broadcasted by more than 200 media from all over the world.

Today afternoon, the Rosetta spacecraft has been deorbited to its target comet’s surface, delivering the final data and images of its outstanding science mission. It was a bit sad to see it all end.

kinderdiary 2016 update

31. Mai 2016

kinderdiary exists since 2010 and is used by a large community as their personal children’s book. Now, it has been fully refurbished and programmed anew in order to meet the expectations of latest OS and App users. kinderdiary comes now with an export and backup function, plus a stable synch via iCloud and lets the entire family share the private moments of our children’s lives – without being exposed to the data grabbing habit of social media platforms. The App works on iPhone and iPad as of iOS7 and was my personal idea and project. There is a next step in development to make it even more useful for the family.

Billionsuns finally starts in Japan

28. April 2016

My Fulldome film is finally starting in Japan! A fully re-mastered 26 min version with Japanese narration is shown in the giant dome of the planetarium in Sendai, capital of the prefecture Miyagi, one of the regions worst hit by the 2011 tsunami. 日本 を歓迎します!

New whiteboard explains radar

9. April 2016

A new stop motion video is coming. It is about how radar imaging works, and why radar from space has such great potential to make our lives safer.

Next Event from Frascati near Rome

29. März 2016

The launch of the second Sentinel-1 satellite, due to lift off on 22 April, will be celebrated at ESA’s data centre in Frascati – this is my next event to come, with Italian moderator Gigi Donelli.