We fly to Mars

7. März 2016

On Monday 14th March, Europe and Russia launch their first joint mission to Mars. I am concepting and directing the central European event for ExoMars-16 in Darmstadt.

Sentinel-3A Launched

18. Februar 2016

I have successfully produced the televized event at the launch of the S3A satellite with a total of 26 stage guests, 300+ audience, 70+ media and a wonderful moderator.


billionsuns #63

4. Februar 2016

My Fulldome Film „Journey to a Billion Suns“ has been licensed by the Planetarium at the Naturhistorisches Museum in Vienna. It’s number 63 since its opening in January 2014.

Satellite launch delayed

23. Januar 2016

Another delay for ESA’s Sentinel 3A satellite. Scheduled for 2016, week #5, the lift-off will not happen before 16 February. I am in charge of the TV event, provided to media and broadcasted live on dedicated carriers.

Jausenstation gets 50 entries

1. November 2015

My popular artwork on Pinterest has achieved its 50th entry. It is a small piece of inlay work made of Northern Germany’s dyke cheese, assembled on a slice of wholemeal bread. Preparing the morning snack for the family, cheese and bread often come out as pieces of inlay work, a rare and forgotten craftsmanship of the past. Without any context to my work, in fact. Become a follower here.

Satellite launch event at 4 am

23. Juni 2015

Another successful launch of a sentinel satellite from the European Copernicus programme. All night busy, as the launch of S2A happened at almost 4 am CET – but we are all happy the event went smoothly, and media as well as VIPs were well entertained. Image with moderator Louise Houghton and ESA PR supporters Daniel Scuka and Nicola Gebers.

New Science Centre in the UAE

18. Mai 2015

Inaugurated by Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi, Member of the Supreme Council, Ruler of Sharjah, and President of the University of Sharjah, the new Sharjah Center for Astronomy & Space Sciences has opened its doors for the public. It contains a planetarium and large areas with hands-on exhibits, plus an exhibition abouot astronomy and spaceflight. I have investigated and scripted the large info-walls for the entire building.

billionsuns: 120K visitors

23. März 2015

My Fulldome film “Journey to a Billion Suns” has attracted over 120,000 visitors in 2014.  The film has been running in 33 planeteria in ten countries, with more than 2,100 performances in total. It tells the story about measuring the distances in the Universe with space telescopes, in particular the European Gaia telescope.

Amongst the participating planetaria, the Spanish Parc Astronomic in Montsec recorded the most visitors, while the Hamburg planetarium in Germany acheived the most visitors per week. Two third of planetaria have earned the ten years’ licensing fee in a single year’s time.

After a two years’ production period, and with substantial support by the European Space Agency ESA, “Journey to a Billion Suns” has premiered in January 2014. Later, it has been presented at Fulldome and cinema film festivals in Europe, America and Asia, and won prizes and praise for its storytelling. As of today, 43 planetaria have scheduled it in their programmes, including Russia, the US, Korea and India.

Fulldome films cannot be played other than in planetaria.  Fulldome is a special cinema format, allowing to screen a warped video image onto the entire inner surface of a planetarium dome and making it a unique 360° experience. The requirement in resolution is enormeous, as is the effect: The film virtually immerses the audience into the plot. New spacial sound audio amplifies the visitor involvement.



billionsuns enters India

1. März 2015

‚Billion Suns‘ have been ignited in India! The Sri Sathya Sai Space Theatre in Prasanthi Nilayam, Andhra Pradesh, is showing my immersive 360° film in Hindhi, English and Telugu. वेलकम भारत… http://home.saispace.in/home/visit-us

Stage event for 200+ media

12. November 2014

This was the largest ever media frenzy I have ever worked for: More than 200 media have been on site, reporting from the landing of a small probe called Philae on the comet 67P. The media briefing and live stage event was attended by another few hundred of VIPs, while the premises at the European Space Operations Centre was jammed full of OB vans and camera teams. I have drafted, prepared and directed the live programme and was responsible for the content – supported by large teams of TV crews, producers and PR personnel.